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Manufacturer of all type of candle packaging boxes in Various Sizes and Various Shapes

Our candle boxes are tough and thin, it is best in quality and more water-resistant.  Candle boxes are made from pure wood pulp with bleach liner on one side. Candle boxes are available in various sizes and shapes. Quality candle boxes are also available in custom printing option, that require high-quality printing. Custom candle packaging boxes are available with CMYK offset printing options.

Our Custom Candle Boxes are available in the different quality paper boards as per customer requirements, with different sizes, in various designs, and also in various color options. Our Custom candle boxes are the best cost-effective solution. candle boxes are very easy to fold and can be stored in less space.

Candle Packaging Boxes

Custom Candle Boxes Features of Candle Boxes

  • Candle boxes are light-weight
  • Best in quality and strength
  • Accurate dimensions as per customer requirement
  • CMYK Offset printed candle box

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